What is the right procedure for pairing the bA with an iPhone?

For iOS users, after copying the Bluetooth address into the appropriate form and confirming it, the bA will reopen automatically in your phone’s Bluetooth settings. At this stage, you need to wait for the pairing request. If the user taps in the open window on the name of the mobile unit in the list of found Bluetooth devices, the pairing process will not succeed!

Make sure the mobile unit is not listed in the paired device list. If so, delete it

  • Make sure that the bluetooth smartphone is paired with bA
  • Make sure that Bluetooth on your smartphone is switched on

This feature will be launched at the next SW update

  • Check SN: and Code: numbers from the labels attached to the device or on the Warranty card
  • Check that the data entered is correct
  • Check the presence of a GPS signal, alternatively move the e-bike to an open area with clear sky.
  • Check the installation of the mobile unit
  • Check the state of charge and connection of the battery of the e-cycle
  • Check the presence and intensity of the GSM signal
  • Check your smartphone is connected to the Internet