What is the bikeAngel?

bikeAngel is a system for monitoring and tracking of electric bicycles, consisting of a high quality miniature intelligent GPS device. The device is hidden during installation directly inside the electric bicycle, it is not visible from the outside and is controlled by a mobile application

Zaslanie upozornenia s polohou o páde bicykla na smartfón zdieľanej osoby a indikácia stavu batérie

The bA is designed to withstand shocks and impacts

Yes, but only if the user allows you access through the “Invitations” feature to track their e-bike

bA can be located wherever the GPS signal and the GSM network operator are available

Only you and people with whom you share your bicycle data. Once you have registered a bA device in your tracking application, you will be able to list a number of trusted people to send notifications to. You can remove the right to view your data from any user at any time. If you want others to be able to directly watch your device, you will need to send them an invitation via the installed mobile application. Once accepted, these people will receive their login information

The bA device is protected by its hidden installation

We recommend the device is installed only by trained personnel at an authorized service center to meet the bicycle and monitor unit warranty requirements.

The bA device does not need to be recharged regularly as it is powered by the e-bike battery

The device is rigidly installed by hidden installation directly in an e-bike. In the event of a change of e-bike owner (sale), the device can be uninstalled and used on another e-bike