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What is the bikeAngel?

bikeAngel is a system for monitoring and tracking of electric bicycles, consisting of a high quality miniature intelligent GPS device. The device is hidden during installation directly inside the electric bicycle, it is not visible from the outside and is controlled by a mobile application

What are the conditions for proper bA functionality?

It is necessary to ensure a permanent connection of the Smartphone to the Internet, ideally through mobile data

How is the bA device protected against mechanical damage during theft?

The bA device is protected by its hidden installation

How long is the warranty period you offer for bA?

Standard is 2 years, but we test each of our products thoroughly, so we offer 3 years of warranty

Aké ďalšie doplnkové funkcie poskytuje systém bA okrem stráženia bicykla a sledovania polohy?

Zaslanie upozornenia s polohou o páde bicykla na smartfón zdieľanej osoby a indikácia stavu batérie

Aké sú podmienky na smartfón pre inštaláciu aplikácie bA?

Smartfón musí mať trvalé pripojenie na sieť Internet a zároveň musí mať zriadené konto v Google Play Store alebo Apple Appstore